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Jodesh Sivan, Mes de Sivan -

"The Month of Sivan" This month is recognized mainly by the great holiday "Shavuot", which also has four names: -Festivity of the harvest (Jag haKatzir) As expressed in Shemot- Exodus 23-16 "And the festival of the harvest, the first fruits of your labor that you have sown in the field " -The feast of weeks (Jag Shavuot) As it says in (Shemot-Exo. 34-22) "And the feast of Shavuot you will make for yourself, the first of the wheat harvest" , Deut. 16-10 "You will make the feast of Shavuot for G-d your Lord" -The day of the firstfruits (Yom Habikurim)...

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