About us?

Our mission is and will always be " Illuminate the world with Emuna"

We are a group of leaders of the Great Righteous Rabbi Nahman of Breslev, we are in Israel and our headquarters are in Jerusalem, with offices in the ancient City of Tiberias, in Galilee, in southern Israel.

For seven years, El Jardín de Breslev has provided its services to the Spanish-speaking world through its Facebook page, our website and other social networks.

We have endeavored primarily to spread Emuna (the true faith in the Blessed Creator) through the teachings of our great Master Rabbi Najman of Breslev .

We have in our store a large assortment of books in Spanish and Judaica articles, with very accessible prices and with shipping services to almost every country in the world.

What is Breslev?

It is a small town in Ukraine where our Master "Rabbi Najman de Breslev" lived almost two hundred years ago.

Who was Rabbi Najman of Breslev?

Rabbi Najman is also known as the great physician of the soul, one of the greatest Sages of the last generations, who through his wonderful teachings has led us to the true path of life "the Emuna".

Rabbi Najman (the Rebbe) was born in Medzhybizh (Ukraine) on p the first day of the month of Nisan, in 1772.

His death anniversary is celebrated on the 18th of the month of Tishrei, (October 16, 1810)

The Rebbe, as he is known in his circle of followers, is a highly revered Tzadik (Righteous). Continuer and pillar of the Hasidic movement.

He was the great-grandson of the great Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov, founder of the Hasidic movement (who was born in Medzeboz, today Ukraine).

We follow this path of EMUNA in the Blessed Creator, who has been the source of hundreds or rather thousands of miracles all over the world.


We hope that through our writings and teachings, each of you r send a clear and living message of faith, hope, joy and above all, love for the Creator!

And so, let's all get to know the Creator more intimately, receiving promptly and in our days the Geula (Redemption) and let's see together the reconstruction of the Beit ha Mikdash and the arrival of our Just and true Mashiach!