"F eliz he who takes care of the needy, (poor or sick) because HaShem will take care of him on the day he needs, as a reward he will be protected and saved by The Almighty in times of danger and anguish. HaShem will keep you and will still watch that you have a happy life on earth and will not allow you to be delivered into the hands of your enemies. HaShem will be your support when you need it, and your days of pain, will turn into days of rest to strengthen "

(Tehillim-Psalm 41: 2 - 4)

Help a family in Israel or spread the emuna (Faith in the Creator)

The Garden of Breslev has created with the help of HaShem a project that we call "A FAMILY JOY ON ITS SHABBAT TABLE" in which we decided to help with funds for food and basic needs to the neediest families and numerous, also old people and widows, especially honoring the Shabbat and complying with the precept of: "Gd blessed the Seventh Day and sanctify it" (Bereshit-Genesis) I call it the most desirable of all days and blessed the Shabbat and made it a source of blessings.

"He who has the means should honor the Shabbat to the best of his ability ... But if someone has Nothing and depends on charity, the administrators of the charity fund and those with more resources, are forced to give this person at least three meals on Shabbat "(Mishna Brura 242: 1)
We want to continue with this great work with the support of people who love Israel from other countries in the world, wanting to extend help to more families on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis, and we want to do so counting on each one of you and that at the same time together we can involve other people with a good heart who really love the people of Israel.
We extend the invitation to help our brothers, carrying it out in a well planned way, with love, joy and honesty. Knowing that if we sow wisely we will reap good fruits!
The family that receives your donation, in gratitude will be able to remind you in their prayers, with a blessing or a special request, that you wish to send them and we will send it to them.

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