"Sivan" the month of our wedding

Jodesh Sivan, Mes de Sivan -

"Sivan" the month of our wedding

"The Month of Sivan"

This month is recognized mainly by the great holiday "Shavuot", which also has four names:

-Festivity of the harvest (Jag haKatzir) As expressed in Shemot- Exodus 23-16 "And the festival of the harvest, the first fruits of your labor that you have sown in the field "

-The feast of weeks (Jag Shavuot) As it says in (Shemot-Exo. 34-22) "And the feast of Shavuot you will make for yourself, the first of the wheat harvest" , Deut. 16-10 "You will make the feast of Shavuot for G-d your Lord"

-The day of the firstfruits (Yom Habikurim) As expressed in Numbers 28-26 "The day of the first fruits, when you offer a new offering"

-Day of containment (Yom Atzeret) Name by which the Sages refer to it.

But what is the most special event of this month?

The Torah refers to this month as the third month, ( Shemot- Exodus 19-1) For it is the third counting from Nisan, the head of the months according to the Torah.

The Torah tells us in Shemot: " In the third month after the exodus of the children of Israel from the land of Egypt, on that day they reached the Sinai desert"

The Sages explain "On that day" in the first of sivan, they camped in the desert of Sinai ready to receive the Blessed Torah., (Shemot -Exodus 19: 2), We learn here that the The level of union between all of them was so great that it could be considered as a single man with a single heart.

"It is only possible to deserve the Torah when all the people of Israel are united by true Love, fellowship, peace and harmony! As well as marriage" can only be maintained if only peace and love reign ", likewise the Torah! Being the means of commitment between Hashem Blessed be and Israel, it can only be received if these conditions prevail.

The Torah is described as: מורשה "Morasha" , which means: Inheritance, (Debarim-deuteronomy 33: 4) The Hachamim explain: Do not read מורשה Morasha = inheritance, Otherwise it reads: Meorasa "Your fiancee"
Our Sages also comment that marriage and the development of "Shalom Bait" (Peace in the home) is nothing more than a practice in this world to develop "True love, humility, and l to Emuna who is also" Fidelity ".

Hashem allows that these days each one of us can raise our "midot" (qualities) to the highest possible level, having a great sincere love for our neighbor, Forgiveness, Mercy and much Humility, and we can reach Jag Shavuot and live "Matan Toráh" (The reception of the Torah) and very soon it will be fulfilled in our town "The True" new covenant: Yermiyahu-Jeremias 31: 31-35 "But this covenant I will make with the house of Israel .... I will put my Torah in their entrails and write it in our hearts, not one more man will teach his brother saying: "Know the Eternal", because everyone will know me ... "

Chodesh Tob! The Garden of Breslev wishes you.

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