A better path is waiting for you ...

A better path is waiting for you ...

"It is possible to transform evil into good because deep down at the root of everything, even evil derives from good. If a person becomes aware of this reality by integrating it into his personality, it will generate a great process of personal improvement "

You must know that Cain was evil by nature and was derived from the primordial serpent, and yet the Creator He said to him:
"Why have you become angry and why has your countenance fallen? Certainly, if you would do good you would rise up. But if you do not do good, sin lies at your door, towards you will direct their desire, but you can dominate it "(Bereshit - Genesis 4-6)

Actually what the Eternal wanted to say is:" Do not think that because you come from the dimension of wrong, you have no remedy, this is false! But if you improve your personality and take root in the secret of "the Teshuva" you will rise spiritually, that is, you will be able to access the well rooted, because all bitterness has u na sweet spiritual root, and the human being can access it through his own spiritual root, in order to improve himself spiritually.

It is for this reason that bad acts can benefit the human being and bad acts Intentional actions can even turn into great merits. (from the teachings of Ramak "Rabbi Moshe Cordovero")

Once again we learn that everything is for the Good, even "the apparently bad"
You have the power to transform it into Good! Also what appears to be a great evil, you can change it, Cain did not want to, the possibility was shown to him and he rejected it.

The power of Teshuva is so great, that it can transform the life of any person, even the worst that can exist. We can get to have such a wonderful life that we did not even imagine it.

Don't discount this chance to change to a wonderful new path!

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