Your sustenance will come with blessing

Your sustenance will come with blessing

Do you wish to receive sustenance and abundance?

First of all, you should know that sustenance comes from the blessing of the Blessed Creator, and a way that It reaches us, is to recite the blessings corresponding to each food before eating it, for example:
The blessing of bread, blessing of the foods of the earth, of the tree, etc. .. even the blessing of water.

It is also very important to give thanks for the food, (Birkat Hamazon) once we are satisfied, as it is written:
"When you eat and you are satisfied, you will bless to the Creator your Lord in the good land that he has given you "
(Debarim-Deuteronomy 8,10)

And even if the food is minimal, one should bless the Creator with a satisfied heart. Then the blessing will be sent to us, even also to our body and this will give us satiety.
For a broken heart alludes to hunger and poverty, while a satisfied heart produces abundance and blessings.

How important is gratitude for the food that the Creator gives us, that is why the Torah commands us this great precept.

Now you can understand what many times they ask: what did he say when he took the glass of water? Or when he ate a simple peanut or a small candy?
We bless for every food, no matter how small or simple it may be!

(We will post a note explaining some of the blessings for food soon)

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