Everything is possible for Hashem!

Everything is possible for Hashem!

"It is not possible to achieve the ideal without suffering"

Our Patriarchs had to go through great sufferings and pains before entering the Land of Israel. .
The hardest thing they endured was the mockery, mockery and slander of "the cynics who tried to discourage them" and to separate them from their ideal! (Likutey Moharán 1.72)

We must never get discouraged, but we must motivate ourselves to overcome these obstacles, and be very careful of those "cynics" who try to discourage you with all kinds of ridicule and slander.

Stand Firm! and continues with the security that Moshe had:
When the people of Israel had left Egypt they realized that Pharaoh and all his army had reached them to capture them and return them to slavery, or worse perhaps to annihilate them, it is written in the Torah:

"The children of Israel lifted their eyes and behold, the Egyptians moved after them; they were much afraid and the children of Israel cried out to the Eternal" (Shemot- Exodus 14: 10)

But Moshe said to the people:
"Do not fear! Stand tall and witness the salvation of the Eternal, see what He will do for us today", "The Eternal will rule the battle for you, but you will have to fall silent "(Shemot-Exodus 14: 13-14)

The Eternal was in charge of saving the children of Israel and of sinking Pharaoh and all his army!

If you want to "get out of that cavity" and reach the "Promised Land", to your ideal, then keep your Emuna placed on the Almighty because it is He, the Only One, Who can get you out of any problem, It will even take care of destroying all enemies.

If your Faith "Emuna" is placed in the One G-ios, then just do your part, keep quiet and trust that very soon you will see His salvation!

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