Teshuva something great that preceded the world

Teshuva something great that preceded the world

The Creator grieves with our hopelessness and sadness, but not with our failures or falls.

This world was made in such a way that the fall was easy, temptations and distraction abound around us, and within us there is a "madman" The yetzer hara (the evil instinct) that is always ready to assault at any moment, therefore it is not surprising that we fall one and again.
"But the Blessed Creator! He does not scrupulously observe his creatures with anger"
(Aboda Zara 3A)

When the Sages say that "the Teshuva is something great and preceded the creation of the world" (Bereshit Raba 1-5) They mean by this that the The possibility of getting out of sin and error was arranged within the same plan of Creation.

But together with the traps of this world the Eternal created in His infinite Goodness everything necessary for us to "Return"
More if we despair and fall into depression we are drawing a black curtain over it goodness of the Eternal.

(Excerpts from the Book Under the Table)

Therefore, always flee from sadness! and depression, seek better to cheer you up for any reason, since we will always find more than one reason in our lives.
There is no "only bad", no matter how difficult the test may seem, you will always have several good reasons to cheer up and thank the Eternal.

(Teshuva means: Repentance - Return to the Creator)

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