"Just trust the Creator"

"Just trust the Creator"

"Trust in Hashem and do good and live on earth and rule by the truth ..." ( Psalms 37: 3-6)

So it is written:
"His heart is steadfast and trusting in Hashem, and he will not fear" (Psalms 112: 7)

Our sages say that whoever is afraid, causes evil to himself, which was not destined to happen to him, but "whoever trusts in Hashem will be surrounded by Hesed" benevolence "(Psalms 32:10)
< br> It is true that the person who does not control his spirit, and they will tell him all day "do not fear! do not fear "he would continue to fear.
But the person can mitigate the fear through his pure thoughts, he must think:" What do I gain from the misfortunes that may happen? Is it not better to fear Hashem and His majesty? "< br>
The person must eliminate fear from his heart, turning it towards other thoughts, because the heart cannot have two thoughts at the same time.

We must trust only in Hashem! nothing bad, even if he sends a bad decree, (Hashem forbid) we must remember that "everything that Hashem does is for the good"

First of all pray to the Creator! Trust with all your heart, well He is the one who saves us!
Also an advice from the wise is to give Tzedakah (help the needy) because the Tzedakah cancels the bad decrees.

(From the teachings of Rabbi Eliezer Papú)

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