"Shavuot" the giving of the Torah.

"Shavuot" the giving of the Torah.

"Shavuot is the festival of reception of the Torah"

Shavuot is not about a simple commemoration of the Divine revelation on Mount Sinai, it is the promulgation of the Ten Commandments and the transmission of the written Law and the oral Law through our Moshe Rabenu (Our teacher Moses).

Shavuot is the very moment of the transmission of the Torah, which means that this date exerts a powerful spiritual influence on us every year, conducive to the integration of the Torah in us, and the adaptation of our lives to its truth.

Every year on Shavuot we receive the Torah again, but it depends on our preparation to receive this spiritual treasure that the Creator gave us to provide us with eternal good.

Shavuot is also the feast of the firstfruits because on that day an offering of two loaves made from the firstfruits of the new harvest was brought to the Temple. The Torah calls it the new offering, thus symbolizing the spiritual renewal that operates in us to receive the Torah again.

(Shuljan Aruj, Yosef Caro)

We wish you a Happy Shavuot!

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