Shalom bait, "learning to listen"

Shalom bait, "learning to listen"

How important is it to learn to listen to women?

"El Shalom Bait" (peace in the home) is something that is rarely talked about, therefore it is very important that we know more about this topic, let's see some points that can transform the relationship as a couple.

There is something that bothers women too much ...
and this is "feeling ignored"
Women are very sensitive and sentimental in addition to the great gift that Hashem gave them "speech" women love to talk ... (men not so much).
Men think, reason and act! Fast, mechanically and rationally! Without using much words and heart.

He can love his wife and not express it since he may think "She already knows, so it is necessary to remember it".
He can see his beautiful wife before going out to a party and not saying anything to him ... not for bad but "I love it, I know, but why tell him?".

Men the more words they save the better ... " it goes without saying how much I feel ".

And the woman, we know: IT'S ALL THE OPPOSITE!

This enormous difference causes many fights; If only men understood how much good they do their wife by listening to her and saying beautiful things to her and women understood that when men do not do it, it is not because they are ill or because they do not feel it ... we would save a lot of fights and misunderstandings. < br>
(From Linda Tawill)

Dialogue is extremely important in a relationship, it is "food" for love in the couple.

One sweet word could change everything!

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