Whoever gives charity will receive much more than what he gives

Whoever gives charity will receive much more than what he gives

Perhaps this message is coming into your life at the right time.

Tzedaka is a gift from the Creator, it is an opportunity that he gives us to do ourselves good, while we do it to those who need it most.

Did you know that when you practice Tzedaka you bring dozens of blessings into your life?

( La Tzedaka can be translated as Charity and also as Justice )

Look at the power that this noble and beautiful Precept has. Let's look at some written promises:

-Observe! such is the magnitude of the Tzedaka (charity), which is at the right hand of the Eternal, as it is said: "Tzedaka 'Justice' overflows your right hand." (Psalms 48,11)

-The virtue of Tzedaka is so great that it gives honor and life to those who practice it, as it is said: "Who Pursue the Tzedaka and goodness, he will find life, Tzedaka and honor "(Proverbs 21,21)

-Tzedaka is so great that with it the Eternal was exalted, when at the time future that will bring salvation to Israel, as it is said: " I speak with justice, mighty to save" (Isaiah 63,1)

And we can ask, by pursuing charity will you find charity? But the Eternal will enable you to get money to do charity with people truly worthy of practicing it with them, and thus receive the reward!
(Orchot Tzadikim)

-When the person gives some money to a poor person who really deserves it, he produces a Tikun "rectification" for all his money from the person, which constitutes the greatest revelation of the greatness of the Creator.

-Through Tzedakah, one can say words that shine with the wisdom of the Torah.

-Dar Tzedaká, expands and elevates the mind, which brings blessings and sustenance.

-Charity brings abundant peace.

-Acts of charity save from sin.

-Through charity comes understanding.

-The Tzedakah given to the students of the Torah, is something very great and valuable, no sin can extinguish this merit.

-Charity has the power to widen the doors of holiness, when the person begins in a certain devotion, he must first open the door to enter this new path, that is why every beginning is difficult, but giving charity widens entry.

-Charity produces satisfaction.

-Distributing charity to the poor is a segula (remedy) for epilepsy, Hashem save us. (the letters of the Hebrew words of the verse: "He gives generously to the poor" (Psalms 102: 9) is: "Pizar Natan Laevionim" that spell the word "NoFeL" which means: epilepsy.

-Charity is a remedy for immorality.

-The charity given for the Land of Israel is greater than the charity for any other cause, this eliminates severe judgments, oblivion and madness from the world.

-Giving Tzedakah to Torah scholars protects against wasting time and gossip, it also saves from pride and related character flaws.

-Giving Charity protects against poverty and gives the merit of wealth.

-The Tzedakah breaks the anxiety of riches, in this way the anger that hangs over the world is dissipated and the Providence of the Blessed Creator descends!

-When giving Charity, the forces of love and goodness reach the world.

-When one gives Tzedakah to true tzaddikim and poor people who really deserve it, it is as if one is giving Tzedakah to many Jewish souls.

This Tzedaka class allows the liberation of all the good that is held captive among the nations of the world.

(Likutey Etzot, Rabbi Najman)

But did you know that there is also a way to help others much higher than what we know as the Mitzvah of Tzedakah (the precept of charity or monetary aid)

He said Rabbi Yitzhak:

"Whoever gives a coin to a poor person is blessed with six blessings, but whoever encourages him morally with words is blessed with eleven blessings"
(Baba Batra 9B)

There are many good things that the sages have said regarding the Tzedakah, such as: That breaks the bad sentences that the person has decreed, that saves even from the same death and also provides a better level in the World to Come

But the Talmud clarifies that within this very Mitzvah there is an action, even more valuable than "just giving money" and that action is ¡ Encourage the partner with words!

That means that even without having money, the sacred precept of Tzedaka can also be fulfilled with even higher quality!

Listen to our fellow man and to live his sorrows with him, it is more important than just providing monetary help, "The favor is greater than alms" The Talmud says it in the Treaty of Sukkah 49A .

In this regard, the great Sage Meharsh'á comments that this is because almsgiving helps the body of the needy, while favor (listening and encouraging the other) directly helps the spirit and revives that soul broken and demoralized.

Now when the Eternal puts a needy person in your path (in any situation) do not miss this opportunity to help her! You will see that you have much more to give of you, more than what you thought!

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