Would you rather not have it than to owe it?

Would you rather not have it than to owe it?

We must bear in mind how dangerous debts are, not only morally and materially, as we have already commented in the previous writing, but also in the spiritual sphere.

And if you know someone who likes to go into debt for anything, please share this with them as well.

First of all, you should know that debts cause a person terrible spiritual and material damage.

And those who are in debt, must bear in mind that the money that he carries in his pocket does not belong to him.

The person in debt who does not make every effort to pay his debts on time lives in a lie, and must immediately make the decision that he is going to do everything in his power to repay the debt.

Rabbi Najman says:
"It is preferable to go through economic hardships, including lack of food, lack of clothing or a roof, to being in debt"
(Sefer Hamidot 122)

It is very important that we have the knowledge of who is truly a "Indebted" (you can read yesterday's writing "The terrible evil of the generation called debts" that is right here in our blog)

Therefore, we must trust in the Creator, rejoice with what He has given us and hope in Him.
Do everything in your power every day and wait for the miracle.

We will continue with the study showing the tools to get out of debt.

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