Money does not pay you?

Money does not pay you?

Is there really a formula or a type of investment that brings us a good return?

A lot of people spend a lot of their time and effort to find a good investment ...
They do anything to increase their profits, they scan business pages, they monitor the stock market, they keep in touch with the stockbrokers and they try everything to get more profit.

But these people would probably be very surprised to discover that there is an investment class that guarantees a constant return, for now and for forever. And even more, this preferential investment is qualified and insured by the Creator of the Universe himself!

Do you know what it is?

It is called "Tzedaka" (Charity).

And this is tried and tested!

It is written in the Torah:
"When there is a poor one among your brothers in the midst of you, in one of your cities, in the land that the Lord God gives you , you will not harden your heart, nor will you close your hand to your needy brother, but you will inevitably open your hand to him and without fail you will lend him enough for his need ... and your heart should not ache when you give him, because because of this is what the Creator, your God, will bless you in all your work and in all that you put into your hand "(Deuteronomy 15, 7-10)

​​"Through generosity you will be elevated in the world" (Sefer HaMidot, charity)

We will continue ....

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