Whoever is willing to recite this powerful prayer daily and from the heart, will see miracles in his life.

* The Prayer must be said with all respect, concentration and above all with great Emuna (Emuna is the pure and authentic faith in the Blessed Creator)

"Be Your will, Eternal, our God and the God of our fathers, may my food and my sustenance and the food and sustenance of all my family, as well as the food and sustenance of all Your people Israel, be crowned, verified and justified In Your Hand.

Please, do not make me need the donations of flesh and blood men, nor their loans, if not that everything comes from Your Hand full, open, sacred and wide.

Make my work and my businesses be for blessing and not for poverty. For life and not for death. Privilege me so that the Name of God has not been desecrated because of me, and that I be one of those who lavish good on every human being, at all times.

Fill my hand with Your blessing and fill us with Your goodness. Just as you did with those who came out of Egypt. You are, Eternal, the one who blessed and the one who blesses the whole world. (Psalms 145: 15-16):

"The eyes of all beings await You, and You | grant them their food at the precise moment" "Open Your hand and satisfy all beings I live according to Your desire " " Throw your burden on the Eternal, and He will sustain you. He will never let the righteous decay "You, sacred and pure souls, ask the Eternal for me and for me, to lift my forehead and lift my luck, so that I can serve you wholeheartedly throughout life, Amen.

(If you received miracles after a few days of reciting the prayer, we would like you to share them on our wall or send them to our email)

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