"Parasha Vaishlaj"

"Parasha Vaishlaj"

"Big changes are only achieved by something very small"

In this Parasha we will talk about Yaacov's fight with the Angel,

-Parasha Vaishlach, Bereshit-Genesis 32: 4-36: 43-

-The little ones are those sparks that keep our people enlightening-

“For this reason, the Children of Israel must not eat from the displaced
tendon (sciatic nerve) that is in the socket of the thigh until
today, because (the angel) had struck the thigh socket
of Iaacob in the Displaced tendon ”(32:33)
Esav's envoy (Malach) had struck Jacob on the thigh. Our sages (the Zohar) explained that the feet of the Tzadik are represented in those who support the Tzadik, that is, his students, who take care of and reinforce their teachers who teach them Torah, and in what way? When the student asks his teacher, he forces him to deepen and review once again what he has studied, and in this way to rise and increase his wisdom.

Many times, thanks to questions that people ask me about In the Parasha, I was able to prepare entire classes, because the question forced me to search among the books and the sources for some answer and in this way discover beautiful treasures. Furthermore, we all know that ' if there are no calves there will be no calves, 'that's what the wicked Esav tried to do. Prevent children from studying Torah, depriving the people of the futures of Talmidé Hajamim (Wise Students). If it were not for the breath of the study of those little ones, the world will not be maintained.
That is what the angel of Esav intended, to affect the support of the Tzaddik and the world, in other words, his feet.
To damage he focused on a small member, just a vein, as our "Little" children appear to be.
I remember that my teacher Rabbi Chaim Shemuel Lopian Ztz "l prepared his classes accompanied by his student, the Gaon Rabbi Nisim Revivo, who was still very young at the time, since studying with a companion is what makes us really learn and grow. Also my teacher, Tzadik Rabbi Zeev Kofan Shlita, studied once a week with Gaon Rabbi Nisim Revivo Ztz ”l.

But Jacob Abinu understood the angel's intention, and so that the forces of impurity cannot harm children, he established a Mitzva, which protects us, and prohibits us from eating the sciatic nerve.
< br> Thus we must remember that great things come to emerge from the smallest and perhaps insignificant.

In the same way, when we want to achieve a change in our lives, if we do it for "everything" we will hardly achieve it, but if we start with something small, very soon we will see the transformation with the help of the Creator.

(For Refua shlema of all the sick of Am Israel and for Parnasa Toba of all the needy)

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