"Defeat evil instinct" Parasha Nitzavim

"Defeat evil instinct" Parasha Nitzavim

In this Parasha we learn how the Yetzer Hara (the evil inclination) subtly tries to bring us down.

But there is a weapon that the Blessed Creator has given us to defeat this "old and foolish King" (The evil inclination) ...

"And if your heart it deviates and you do not listen, you will make mistakes and you will bow down to other gods and you will serve them "(Debarim-Deuteronomy 30, 17)

Our Great Sages explain that one sin leads to another sin (Pirkei Avot 4, 2) And if your heart deviates, and you do not listen to the words of the Torah, you are giving the Yetzer Hara room to make you err. And for sure and you will err, "Because the weapon that I make against the Yetzer Hara is the Torah" (T. Kiddushin 30B)
How it is written :
"If you meet this despicable being (The Yetzer Hara) drag him to the Beit Hamidrash (House of Study) if it is made of stone it will become dust and if it is iron It will explode "(T. Sucá 52B)
Well, you allowed your heart to drift, you don't listen, and you're wrong. And even if it is a small deviation, it will eventually lead you to idolatry ...

As we read, Hashem has given us that "Weapon" that will help us to "Destroy and dust" the evil inclination.
This is what Rabbi Ismael said: "My son, if that pervert (the evil inclination) attacks you, drag him to the House of Study, even if he were made of stone he will finally crumble" How to declare it: "Stones are worn by water"
(Iyob 14, 29 ) The water is an allegorical reference to the study of the Torah, how it is stated: "Eaa! All those who are thirsty, come to the water!" (Yeshayahu 55, 1)
And if they were still made of iron, they would also end up breaking into pieces, as stated:
Is not My Word like fire, affirmed the Eternal, and like a hammer that breaks the rock? (Yirmiyahu 23, 29)

Dedicated for the healing of all the sick of Am Israel and the world, and for the success and prosperity of all those who spread the message of Emunah.

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