"Evil eye" Envy and gratuitous hatred?

"Evil eye" Envy and gratuitous hatred?

It is said that the evil eye is rooted in "envy and gratuitous hatred" so we must avoid this terrible trait at all costs, let's see ...

Envy is a very bad quality! as the Sage said:

"Envy, desires and the pursuit of honors, eliminate the person from the world" (Pirkey Avot 4-1)

The instinct of the heart of the individual is bad! and causes him to yearn to be "The One of the Generation", both in wisdom and good deeds, as well as in wealth and honor, and so he grieves! when he sees another equal or better than him.

Envy wishes his evil (evil to his neighbor) and speaks ill of him. "Hatred comes from envy! It is like a fire that consumes and there is no remedy for it.

He who possesses this bad quality lives all his days with pain and bitterness and eats the bread of sadness, he has no friends or loved ones! will manifest later)

This type of person increases the lawsuits and is happy! with the calamity of others, and wants his fellow men to stumble in halachot! (in his way of conducting themselves correctly according to Judaism) and to turn away and diminish in their Divine Service.

He also wants his fellow men to be of little value and little understanding, erring with many other evils that come from the same envy.

Who can express the seriousness of this quality?

"The man who wants life" will turn away from this "envy", strengthening himself to dominate his instinct by means of pro melt into pure thoughts! He must fully believe that no one can take from another what he has already destined from Heaven!

Even if the person were alone in the world !, he could not have more earnings than he has already decreed.

And if there were thousands of other merchants who worked on the same thing !, it would not lack anything of what it already has predestined, this badly acts in all areas and even! now among those who claim to dedicate themselves to the study of the Torah and Service to the Creator.

Therefore, the individual must be content with the portion of it! which is the will of the Creator.

The True People of Israel must be as one man! with a single body, and it is right for a person to rejoice with the good of his neighbor and grieve for any of his misfortunes.

(From the Writings of Rabbi Eliezer Papú)

That is why in our prayer each morning we say:

"Be Your will, oh Eternal One !, my God, and God of my parents ... may you free me today and every day! .... from the evil eye, from slander, from the bad language, from the insolent ... whether or not he is the son of your alliance ... "

The great sages also teach us that one of the ways to protect ourselves from the evil eye is "Always judge (see) favorably our neighbor, always speak well of him" because in this way the law: "Midá negued Midá" (measure for measure) will be applied in our favor "We will be judged only for good"

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