Hard times are also times of blessing

Hard times are also times of blessing

Within all the evil that you can perceive in this difficult and confusing time, I can tell you that Blessed Hashem always has something wonderful for you.

Yosef HaTzadik, when he was at the lowest level, and perhaps at his most difficult moment, in the depths of an Egyptian jail, like a foreigner who was sold, abandoned, betrayed and as many more sufferings we can imagine, but in there , Yosef found the light of Hashem, connecting with his Heavenly Father, it was like he managed to get out of the lowest, rising to the highest, and becoming a Viceroy that would bring salvation to all humanity.

You, inside your home, surely full of hundreds of comforts and accompanied by your beautiful family, and still you are complaining? Better ask yourself why Hashem has put you or rather has put all of humanity in this difficult situation. Reflect and you will surely find the answer, because as the wise say "There is no suffering without transgression".
You can do "jeshbon nefesh" (self analysis), ask for forgiveness for your faults, find a way to remedy them. Above all, thank the Creator for everything you have, even for complications and for everything you cannot understand.

The most important thing is to get closer to the Creator, recognize all the good you have, thank him and be happy.
This time, you must make the most of it and transform it into a blessing.
We can not leave the same time as this that we are going through, Hashem brought it so that we can make a positive change as we have mentioned, and not to return to the same as before.

It's in you, only in you!

The Garden of Breslev.