Children are the magnifying mirror of parents

Children are the magnifying mirror of parents

From what age can I guide my children on the path of Torah?
Many ask themselves this question, let's see now what the wise say.

Who can relate all the praises of the Torah?
The occupation in her is better than working in the silver!
As Rabbi Nehoray said:

"I put aside all the professions in the world and I teach my children nothing but you Torah. (kiddushin 82 B)

The Gemara , the Midrash, the Holy Zohar and other holy books full of brilliance, express the praises of the Torah and it is not required to bring proof for known things. Everyone knows, testifies and speaks of the infinite greatness of the Torah.

But there is no one who is conscious to give his soul and his fortune to teach Torah to his children how it should be done.

He who wants to merit his children with the crown of Torah, must strive to do so, from the moment he is in the womb and even from the conception, by means of sanctifying himself when he lives with his wife, thinking at that moment, both of them, of the great Hachamim (the great Sages) of all generations.
The heart of both should beg the Creator to give them a Holy offspring, descendants with integrity in qualities and wisdom, they (the that they do so) are really wise.

The person should pray to Hashem for this both before the Conception and after the delivery.

The prayer should not be interrupted from their lips, both by the father and the mother, carrying out good deeds, such as distributing Tzedakah (charity-donations) to the righteous, and asking them to pray for their children.
From the moment of pregnancy, a woman should make an effort to hear the words of Torah.
Likewise, after childbirth they must put the child in a place where he listens to the Torah, as said Rabbi Yehoshua Bennett Janania:
"Happy is the one that brought him into the world "
{Pirkei Avot 2-8}

(From the teachings of Rabbi Eliezer Papú )

Much of the future and the education of children is in the hands of parents, they can either raise "great righteous" or the opposite, that the Eternal does not allow it.
If you are not yet a parent then you have time to prepare yourself, and if you are the parent of small children or young children, there is still much to do!

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