The only truth is that you were born to strive!

The only truth is that you were born to strive!

"The man is born to strive" (Job 5, 7)

Surely every day you strive hard to get everything you need, but Have you ever wondered if you make the same effort in the spiritual realm?

Did you know that if you make an effort in the spiritual you will avoid much of the sufferings of this world ...

For when there are sufferings and problems in the world, the only place to escape is with our Creator (through his Prayer and Torah). It is written:
"For man is born to strive" (Job 5-7) and clarifies the Midrash: ​​ "Happy is he who strives with the Torah"

Whether you are rich or poor, your life will always be full of effort and suffering.

Suffering and pain is the part of man, as it is written: "For all his days are of frustration and pain" (Ecclesiastes 2:23) < s3>

But Happy the man who flees from the struggles of this complicated world and strives to understand the Torah, will be Happy and it will be good for him, Happy in this world and it will go well for him in the future world (Psalms 128: 2, Avot 6: 4, Berchot 8a)

The world was always full of worries and sufferings, these things have not changed as it is written:
"With pain you will eat your bread" (Genesis 3: 17-19)
This was something decreed from the moment Adam sinned and now there is no place to escape, these worries and pains destroy the life of man, being the Creator and His Torah the only refuge.

So as long as we do not take refuge in the Creator and His Torah, our sufferings and difficulties will continue, we must begin to put our trust in Him by supporting ourselves in the study of the Torah, this will help us increase our Emunah (Complete Faith in the Creator), so we can have more understanding and as a result a "Full trust in the Creator"

So don't be overwhelmed thinking that all the problems are on you, or that you are the only one with problems , the truth is that everyone has problems, even the richest, most powerful or famous, but the one who "Lives in the Shadow of the Eternal (through Prayer) and His Torah" < s3> his life becomes completely different, his burden is light and he even enjoys everything as a gift from his Creator!

Remember: "Where effort ends, failure begins"

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