The land of Israel, closer than you thought!

The land of Israel, closer than you thought!

And how is it possible to get to "The Land of Israel"?

"The Land of Israel is extremely Holy"
It is beyond nature, it is a Land of Miracles! a Land of Prayers, a Land of Emuna (pure Faith in the Blessed Creator).

When we truly have Emuna in the power of Prayer, in the force of our own personal prayer, it is then that we can perform miracles and therefore we live "on earth" no matter where we are! < br>
In contrast to the Land of Israel is Mitzraim (Egypt).
In that land there are no miracles, there is no prayer, and neither is Emuná (Faith).
When we recite our prayers without Faith in them, without Faith in their power, we find ourselves spiritually exiled in "Mitzraim" no matter where we are.

The Eternal promised the land to Abraham, but to Abraham he lacked some faith.
"How can I really know?" he asked, fearing that the Creator's Plan could be altered by the wrongdoings of men.
I could not understand how this is not the case.
(The Rambam explains on Genesis 15: 7 that man has freedom of choice, but still the Creator has His Plan:
The future of the people of Israel He says, in the end the Eternal will do His way.
At the moment that Abraham asked to know this, the Eternal said to him:
"Do you want to know that which can only be known through Faith?
You should know then that you and your descendants are already in exile "so that the people of Israel were in fact exiled in Mitzraim for 400 years.
(From the Teachings of Rabbi Najman)

Remember that Emunah, Pure Faith in the Creator, is what will lead you to "the Promised Land" to your own freedom!

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