Could humility be your solution?

Could humility be your solution?

How many times have we thought "Because only me, Why me" we believe that it is only us who are suffering ...

The truth is that everyone goes through suffering, some today and others tomorrow but we all receive evidence of suffering and complications.

Don't worry anymore, stay in Emuna (complete faith in the Creator) trust that it is the Creator who is allowing this situation in your life for your own good and receive that suffering with humility and love ( because it comes from the Creator Himself and is for your good).
We leave you this advice from the great Just "Rabbi Najman de Breslev" that will help you a lot:

"Because high is the Eternal, more to the humble He attends, but he will punish the haughty from afar "
(Tehilim 138-6)

When the person hides himself and diminishes himself with humility and modesty, then, as it were, also the Creator Himself does It.
He restricts His majesty and His greatness and diminishes himself as it were, and dwells with this person as in: "I dwell with the humble" (Isaiah 57:15)

But when the person is proud and arrogant, (Hashem does not allow), then also the Creator shows His majesty and greatness .. And who can be able to receive the Glory and greatness of the Creator? "For behold, the heavens and the heavens of heavens, they cannot contain you "(Kings 1, 8:27)
This is what actually caused the destruction of the Great Temple, due to our many sins. < br> (Excerpts from Likutey Etzot)

That is why we must seek humility and flee from pride, always try to be simple, like a little boy who needs the help and support of his father and who knows that what he is doing or allowing to happen in our lives is for our own good!

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