The essence of Hanukkah is Gratitude!

The essence of Hanukkah is Gratitude!

If everyone could understand the magnitude of this holiday, they could receive great miracles in their lives ...

Unfortunately there are people who discredit, out of ignorance and others perhaps out of malice, this great festival, saying that "it is not a festival ordered by the Creator" or simply "that it is not in the Torah".
The reality is that this is a serious error, since how we said it, this "is ignorance" Well we know and we have the proof of what a real event was.
The objective in this writing is not to talk about what happened in these days at that time, because we have already published enough information about it, the objective is to clarify to many who do not know that this holiday is as important or perhaps as great , that the festivities that were granted to us in the Torah, since these convocations in which the Eternal demands us are an ordinance "from the Eternal towards us", but unlike this holiday "Hanukkah" is what the Eternal gives him the most. It pleases, because it is "from His people towards Him". We did not do it by mandate, but out of love and this was and will continue to be an "immense act of Gratitude" on our part towards Him!

This holiday arose as a result of the great Miracle! Generated by "the Ratzon" (The pure desire) of a few Jews who did not want to be Hellenized, they did not want to lose the Torah, the Mitzvot (Precepts) and all our customs, for a very powerful reason: "Love towards the Creator already His Torah "

That impressive event was a reconciliation between Hashem and the people, the great sages tell us that Hanukkah is related to the" rehabilitation of the Temple "and from the spiritual point of view the Temple means the place where The Creator and His creature unite, therefore their destruction or desecration (what happened on Hanukkah) refers to the breaking of this union between the two, and that unification is what the great sages show us through this great Festival. !

What better action than to return to the Creator with Praises of Gratitude and Joy! This is Hanukkah !!

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