The joy in the festivities, a very great precept!

The joy in the festivities, a very great precept!

The Joy of the festivities is built through the joy of the precepts carried out during the year and there are no limits to this joy.

During the festivities we must return to the Creator with Joy.

For in each holiday the world is subjected to judgment, as our Sages have taught (T. Rosh Hashana 16)
The time of judgment is a time of Teshuva (Return and repentance) Through Teshuva the forces of holiness trapped in the Klipot (shells) and the final Redemption draws near.

There are different ways to honor the holidays, with good food, drink, with beautiful clothes, with pure and holy thoughts, with joy and happiness, and so on.
By honoring the festivities it is possible to reach the knowledge of the blessed Creator, and bring this knowledge to the heart, which is the seat of desire and passion.

The three main desires of man and the root of all other desires are: the longing for riches, the sexual appetite, and the passion for food. Each holiday has the power to counteract one of these desires:
Pesach counteracts the desire for money, Shavuot the sexual instinct, and Sukkot the urge to overeat. Because the holidays possess these special powers it is necessary to be careful to celebrate them with proper respect in this way one will get rid of all those desires.

(Likutey Etzot Extracts)

We wish you an upcoming Sukkot full of health, peace and much joy!

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