The joy of Purim and miracles

The joy of Purim and miracles

Purim has the power to bring any miracle into your life.
Seek the Creator!

The joy of Purim expresses the eternal holiness of the People of Israel, which, although sometimes hidden due to transgressions, nevertheless remains immovable, and although the Jews sometimes do not behave properly, They are also called "sons of the Eternal" ("banim laMakom") and the Eternal who governs the destiny of the universe, guides the outcome of events to favor, save and redeem them.

In those days, the People of Israel was in a very difficult situation. The first Temple was destroyed, the Jews had gone into exile and although Cyrus the king of Persia had already published his edict, by effect of which he urged the Jews to return to their land and rebuild their sanctuary, very few of the exiles had effectively returned. The Persian Empire was in its greatest splendor and the Jews who inhabited the length and breadth of its provinces, made an effort to integrate and mix with the Gentiles and behave like them, to the point that many were willing to bow down to idols. In the capital city, Shushan, the Jews participated in the banquet offered by King Ahasuerus and saw with their own eyes how the Persians used the utensils that were looted from the holy Temple for profane uses, and yet they enjoyed the feast. It seemed that the great ideal for which the People of Israel had been chosen, was gradually extinguished, as well as the hope of the return to Zion and the Jews would no longer bring the Divine message to earth.

Then A strong accusation was awakened in the heavenly court against the People of Israel, since despite the fact that Gd had chosen them from among all the nations, he had given them the Torah and had made his Divine Presence rest in their bosom, the Jews behaved like Gentiles, prostrated themselves before idols and did not return to their homeland to rebuild the sacred Temple there. As a counterpart, the evil Haman descended from Amalek had risen up and led the Persian Empire towards a terrible edict that was unprecedented: “destroy, kill and exterminate all Jews, young and old, children and women, on the same day, on the thirteenth day of the twelfth month, which is the month of Adar, and take their spoil as booty "(Book of Esther 3:13).

There were Jews who criticized Mordechai and accused him of having caused the edict of extermination with his stubbornness by not prostrating himself before the wicked Haman, thus provoking his fury against the People of Israel (Book of Esther 3: 2-6).

Behold, the Eternal, the Cause of all causes, medicine anticipated the disease, by making Esther marry King Ahasuerus so that together with Mordechai they could disrupt Haman's council. In the end, it all turned out the other way around, as instead of the enemies of the People of Israel having their way, the Jews killed their persecutors and Haman and his sons were hung from the tree that was meant to hang Mordechai. The People of Israel was saved, its prestige spread among the nations and the wills were awakened to return to Eretz Israel, in order to inhabit it and rebuild the Temple.
(from Pninei Halajá)

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