Kimja de Pisja "Time to help those in need"

Kimja de Pisja "Time to help those in need"

"Love your neighbor as your own life"

"Kimja de Pisja" has arrived, the time of the harvest, would you like to help us?

'Kimja de Pisja' can be said to be "like a Tzedaka", but still at a very high level, because through it we help those most in need to joyfully fulfill a great Mitzva: Pesach! (Chag ha Matzot)

Kimja de Pisja is an ancient custom generalized in the different Jewish communities, which during the days of Nisan (This next month) each of its members is asked to contribute to "Maot Chitim" (money for wheat) according to their possibilities.

The money is used to buy Matzot, which is then distributed among the poor of the city.

It is called Kimja de Pisja " Passover flour "since in the past with it flour was purchased that was distributed among the needy, since each one baked their own matza, likewise, it is customary to supply the needy with all the other provisions for the holiday, such as: wine, meat , fish or money was given to them so that they could buy it themselves.

This custom is not part of the Tzedakah (charity) since it is governed all year round.

All those in need of the community are entitled to receive from the funds of Kimja de Pisja, of the city in which they reside. < br>
In most Jewish communities the corresponding funds were collected for Kimja de Pisja, the Rabbi of the city and seven wise men of the community met and analyzed the situation of each member of the community to determine how much they should contribute wealthy people and how much the needy should receive.

There was no valid way or pretext to get rid of this obligation, if the person was rich and greedy and argued that he did not have the means to contribute, then they said: "yes You do not have, I know of those who receive! Either you give, or you receive ", then he felt ashamed and contributed his part.

Today, we continue to practice this custom with love and joy, before each Passover holiday, many people inside and outside Israel, help each community to fulfill this beautiful custom.

Would you like to participate and help those most in need?

You can do it by contacting us by our number WhatsApp +972 54569 35 21 or enter directly Here 👇🏻