"Generosity" a quality we inherited from Abraham Abinu

"Generosity" a quality we inherited from Abraham Abinu

"Generosity is a great Virtue"

It allows the person to reach high spiritual heights, and if it is used in a positive way it is highly praiseworthy and with it he will be able to conquer numerous levels, both in this world and in the world to come.

It is written:
"The gift of man opens wide paths for him, and leads him before the presence of the great." (Proverbs 18,16)

And there is nothing in the world that makes man win the affection of others, such as "generosity" and even in the world to come they will reward him for their gifts.

There are three kinds of generosity:
"Monetary generosity, physical generosity and wisdom generosity."

These three were found in our Patriarch Abraham, who was generous with his money, as it is said:
"And he installed his tent"
(Genesis 21, 23) Well, we know that he did it to receive and "give"

He was generous with his body, as he endangered his integrity to save his nephew Lot, fighting for him.
And he was generous with his wisdom, teaching the peoples the right path "And the souls they made in Haran" (Genesis 12,5) It refers to those who "converted" showing them the Way of truth, in the One G-d.

We see that it is a highly praiseworthy virtue, since hon to those who possess it, it is written:
"Many flatter the generous" (Proverbs 19,6)
His words will be heard when he pronounces reprimands and urges the others to return to the Path of the Eternal Blessed Be! Also, if he needs help, everyone will be willing to give it to him and will live in peace with him.

(Excerpts from the Magna Obra Orchot Tzadikim.)

And although the wise say that it is a quality that the Jews we have inherited it from our patriarch Abraham, we have to develop it, practicing it day by day! Always trying to imitate our Patriarchs and following the example and teachings of the great Tzadikim (True Righteous).

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