There is a solution for everything!

There is a solution for everything!

There is an effective solution to every problem, it is the wonderful and oldest of the techniques used by our Patriarchs and the greatest Righteous of all times:

It is the powerful practice of the Hitbodedut "Prayer in isolation" it has several advantages:

The first advantage of the Hitbodedut is to allow man to feel the Divine Presence in his life, here in this world, and whatever its condition.

The second advantage is that once we are aware of this "Presence", we can turn to His Mercy, to understand the messages and be able to take advantage of it. < br>
Through "The Hitbodedut" we can transform our entire life, said Rabbi Najman:
"The Hitbodedut is above all", because by connecting with the Creator of the Universe, we can repair "everything" .

The important thing is to start practicing that connection and not get stuck in problems.

Run! Go, search and shout !: Hashem help me !, Surely He will answer you!

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