It is a more dangerous and highly contagious virus that kills three people

It is a more dangerous and highly contagious virus that kills three people

A virus or a weapon? N or we are totally sure, but what we do know is that it is highly contagious, dangerous and deadly.

It is possible to annihilate lives with this terrible sin, it is called: "Lashon Hara" (slander-gossip) and it destroys three victims in one go:

"Who slanders, who listens and who is slandered"

The person who is truly afraid of Hashem has no absolute part in talking about others and even less in listening to slanders.

A "truly righteous" only trusts and believes in Hashem!

In these moments as always, we must also be very careful that our conversations about the terrible tragedies that the world is experiencing (such as the countries or the people that have been affected by the pandemic), do not become "Lashón Hará" or "gossip and gossip", perhaps this will surprise us, but the truth is that our "true wise men" teach us and warn us about this situation and perhaps this question is part of the answer:

How do we benefit or help the world when we see and talk about all these tragedies?

Actually from the real point of view "spiritually speaking", it is of no benefit to talk about all this, even our wise men are against the "Jadashot" (all kinds of news, such as television, radio, newspapers , internet, etc.) "jadashot" which translated into Spanish also means "the new" or "the novelties", even Rabbi Shalom Arush himself once said:
"The only and true Jadashot" the new ones "or We will bring "the news" through the study of the Torah and the Prayer and Not by watching, listening and talking about the TV news, radio, etc.! Better use that time and effort in the Torah, in prayer and in good works, because these are the ones that protect us and save us "

Let's spread the Torah, let's spread the Emunah in the Creator, Light with which we will illuminate and bring a true change to the world!

Be part of this great mission, perhaps you are in this world precisely to help spread the Emuna (The Pure and authentic Faith in the Blessed Creator)

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