"Against all the odds"

"Against all the odds"

The Maccabees start a revolt against the Greeks, in response, Antiochus sends thousands of foot soldiers, cavalry, and hundreds of armed elephants to crush the uprising. (Megillat Antiochus, Encyclopedia Britannica VI Maccabees)

But they didn't beat us !!

When all the odds are against you, when the road is difficult, when life's circumstances seem overwhelming, when there seems to be no way out, when you are willing to give up, give up, when you feel useless fight and when you feel that there is nothing you can do to change things, nothing to do to fix them, remember that there is never reason to lose hope, because behind the horizon is the light!

Therefore, gather courage, strengthen your soul and prepare for battle!

Empty your mind of all thoughts that tell you that you cannot, understand that they are your true enemies.
Open your heart to encouraging thoughts, let them lift your spirit!

Understand that all power only comes from the Blessed Creator! and that only He can lift your spirit.

So do not be alarmed when the odds are against you, nor worry when the road is difficult for you.
Do not be dismayed! Faced with the circumstances of life, do not give up!
Do not feel like a mouse in front of an elephant, do not let yourself be crushed by the enemy, and do not be like the elephant that is carried with a rope pulled by a simple mouse.

Use the powers that the Creator gave you! the strength of character upon which you can lean.

Look at what faces you as if it were a blade of grass.
The Eternal does not create situations that we cannot overcome, nor problems that we cannot solve.

This power will be at your disposal when you believe in Him.

It is always possible!
When we affirm ourselves in the True Emunah.

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