Eliminate yeast, a Torah Precept

Eliminate yeast, a Torah Precept

"For seven days you shall eat Azimos loaves" (Exodus 12, 15)

"You shall eat no leavened thing in all your dwellings , you will eat Azimos loaves "(Matza) (Exodus 12, 20)

It is characteristic of Pesach to eat only unleavened bread (Matza) and the strict prohibitions of possessing, as well as eating, bread leavened or any other food that has chametz yeast.

"For whoever eats leavened from the first day to the seventh day will be wiped out from Israel" (Exodus 12, 15)

It is also written: "For seven days I will not find leaven in your houses, because whoever eats leavened, so the ger (convert) as a native of the country, will be erased from the congregation of Israel "(Exodus 12, 19)

These precepts are among those that were transmitted to the children of Israel by Moses prior to their departure from Egypt and their liberation from slavery.

"And you will keep the feast of the Azimos loaves, you will keep this date, from generation to generation as a perpetual institution" (Exodus 12, 17)
It is also forbidden to possess chametz during pesach, even if he doesn't eat it.
"And nothing leavened, nor leaven will be seen with you in every territory" (Exodus 13, 17) "and for seven days I will not find leaven in your houses" (Exodus 12, 19)

But what is chametz?

It is any of the five main cereals:
Wheat, rye, barley, oats and spelled, which has been in contact with water for at least eighteen minutes.
This grain or flour is considered to have started the fermentation process.
Jametz is any food prepared with any of these grains and in which they are found as an ingredient, even in the smallest amounts.
The only exception is Matza, which is the required unleavened bread and all the necessary precautions have been taken in baking.

Also the use of tableware and utensils in which the slightest particle of Chametz could be left is prohibited during pesach, unless it is possible to make them kosher and this is done in advance.
(Being a Jew, Pesach)

The Garden of Breslev.

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This Pesach will be a very different Passover for everyone, but that does not stop you from doing it with love and joy.

Just as in this time of Pesach we dedicate ourselves to the precept of the elimination of Chametz (all products made from cereals that leavened). As it is written: "But on the first day you must eliminate the yeast from your houses "(Exodus 12:15)

Also at this time we must apply the same cleaning, eliminating the Chametz from our hearts, let's see what the Sefer Hamidot of Rabbi Najman says ...

The mouth, the nose, eyes and ears.

It is necessary to take care of your mouth so as not to tell lies and only speak words of holiness.

To sanctify the nose it is necessary to develop the fear of Heaven.

The ears are sanctified with the wise and listening to their words.

It is necessary to close your eyes in front of everything that is not good to look at.

The sanctity that is achieved will allow access to a perfect understanding of wisdom, which is a blessing from the blessed Creator, and from Divine Inspiration.

The nose also sanctifies with humility and patience, avoiding anger and in the face of outrage and insult.

To sanctify the ears one must be of a faithful spirit and cover up the case (Proverbs 11-13), Be careful and not reveal the secret that there is no need to reveal.

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