The greatest and most important event of humanity

The greatest and most important event of humanity

"Zman Matan Torah"

(The time of giving of the Torah)

It is the greatest and most important event of humanity!
For twenty-six generations, since the creation of Adam, Hashem had hoped to transmit to humanity the precious Torah, which had preceded the creation of the Universe.

Finally, He found a people willing to accept it, the grandiose moment of its revelation was eagerly awaited by the entire universe, since with it the spiritual objective of creation would be accomplished.

It was a Shabbat tomorrow, the 6th of Sivan, 2448. Har Sinai (Mount Sinai) was shaking with excitement at the momentous event about to take place over him.

All the mountains were in a state of turmoil along with him, until Hashem brought them back to calm.

The children of Israel were still sleeping because the summer night had been short.
They were awakened by thunder and lightning over Mount Sinai and by Moshe calling them: "The Jatán (Bridegroom) is waiting for you to the Kalá (Bride) arrives at Chupá "

Moshe led the People to Mount Sinai, as one who leads a kala to the wedding.

The Jewish people who are gathered at the foot of Mount Sinai, men and women were united by all the millions of souls not yet born of their descendants, and for the souls of all sincere converts (Guerim) who would accept the Torah in future generations.

When Hashem descended on Mount Sinai, amidst a thick cloud, a burst of fire! , thunder and lightning, the town trembled with fear! and Hashem's voice blazed forth saying:

"I am Hashem your G-d", and uttered all the commandments simultaneously, delivering his Torah to His chosen people.

The purpose of this great miracle was to clearly demonstrate that the 10 commandments came directly from Hashem, no human being or angel or demon could have performed such a feat! Only the Sovereign Creator of the Universe!

( Excerpts from The Midrash Says, Sefer Shemot)

We must already be prepared for this great day, also called "Shavuot" So that we can all receive the Torah in our hearts!

May we receive the Torah with Joy, Love and Unity!

The Breslev Garden Team wishes you an upcoming Chag Shavuot Sameach!