The purpose of creation

The purpose of creation

The Creator is One and Only!

"The whole purpose of the creation of humanity is to know the Creator" (Zohar 242b)

This knowledge is the consequence of the experience of self-annulment in the Infinite Light and the subsequent return to worldly consciousness.
The residue of Divine Light allows the mind to understand that the Creator it is both transcendent and immanent, that "Hashem is Elokim" that everything is One and that everything is good.
That is the root of all the Torah. The main purpose of the Torah and its Precepts is to sanctify the material so that it too can become a container to capture that residue of Divine Light.

When, due to some transgression, the body is spiritually damaged, it becomes impossible to achieve that state of transcendence. Although such a state is reached, the experience is very brief and due to the spiritual difference of the body, it is not possible to receive the residue of Divine Light. After those experiences one still tends to forget the Creator. That is why the Creator gave us the Precepts of the Torah, to sanctify the body so that it can receive the Divine Shine.
Through the study of the Torah and the fulfillment of the Precepts the Light He will be able to join us firmly and we will be able to remember the Creator at all times!

(Hashgajat Elokut)

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