The goal of your life in this world

The goal of your life in this world

Have you ever wondered what does the Creator want from you?

Or what everyone has wondered at some point, what is the goal of life?

The Creator has made us solely in order to know Him and why we recognize that He is the Only God!
As it says in the Zohar "So that they know Him" ​​

And we must know that all the circumstances that we go through in life are totally necessary to be able to know the Creator and know who he is.

The Creator knows us perfectly well and knows that we would not be able to know Him unless we lived the circumstances we went through and that He is the one who has arranged them in our lives in a precise way.
So we must know that there is no coincidence and no mistake in your life, absolutely everything is directed by the Blessed Creator.

So we must recognize and have the conviction that all creation is directed by Him!
As all of Psalm 148 says that "All creation praises Hashem"

If all nature, including even the smallest of birds, praises Him because he recognizes Him, the more we who are the creation of him more special and more loved of him!

What are you waiting to delight yourself by giving praise, gratitude and joy to "Abinu Malkeinu" (our Father and our King) !!

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