The month of Kislev a month of light and miracles!

The month of Kislev a month of light and miracles!

The month of Kislev has arrived !!

This new month is called "The month of Miracles" because the great Miracle of Lights happened!

Let's see more about our history:

The symbol of the month Kislev is an arch, like the rainbow seen in the sky when it rains on a sunny day, and indeed the first rainbow that was seen after the Flood, appeared in the month of Kislev!

The Verse expresses: "Hashem said, this is the sign of the Covenant that I have placed between Me and you, and between every living being that will be with you for eternity; My bow I have placed in the clouds, and it will be a sign of the Covenant between Me and the earth "
(Bereshit-Genesis 9: 12-13)
These words were spoken to Noah (Noah) in the month of Kislev.

When the months were consecrated by the Beit Din (Court of the Supreme Court of Jerusalem), based on the testimony of witnesses who had seen the New Moon, the Court sent messengers to all communities far from Jerusalem to inform them about the consecration of the New Month, these emissaries were sent only in the months that contained a festivity, so that said communities would know when they should celebrate it.

From the time of the Hashmoneans when the Beit Din (Court) consecrated this month, the messengers left Jerusalem to announce about the sanctification, as well as to warn them when "Hanukkah" would take place, since Hanukkah is also considered a Great Festival despite the fact that its observance is of Rabbinical origin.

If you liked this publication, stay tuned, as soon we will be publishing more information about the Hanukkah festival that occurs on the 25th of the current month of Kislev ( on December 10 of the Gregorian calendar)

The Garden of Breslev wishes you a month full of miracles !!

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