The best gift for the Creator, you have it.

The best gift for the Creator, you have it.

"Take words with you, and return to the Eternal. Tell him: Take away all iniquity, and kindly accept us, so that we may present the fruit of our lips." (Hoshea 14: 3)

At the time of the Beit Hamikdash (The Great Temple), there were all kinds of sacrifices that allowed the faithful to approach the Creator, or correct their faults: they brought bulls, calves, rams, turtledoves, etc ... But he who had no means to make such an offering (the poor man) to him, the Torah tells him:

"When a soul brings a Corban Mincha, it will offer flour" (Leviticus 2: 1)

His humble offering, nothing but a little flour, however it bears the name of a korbán entirely, and which is also the only one where the expression is mentioned: "a soul"

This tells us the following according to Sage Rashi:
​​ "The Eternal considers this offering, as a sacrifice of himself, a sacrifice of the soul"
But what does the feat of this poor man consist of, so that the Torah would give him a so noble level?

His offering from him is minimal, but it is proportional to his resources, and relatively, it is no more expensive than a rich man's bull. In what does his value lie for the height to mention "a soul", an expression that does not appear in any other sacrifice?
The greatness of this poor man, the feat he has accomplished, taking his flour "It is humility"!

In the "House of Splendor", (Beit Ha Mikdash or Great Temple ) where the melodies of the Levites resound, where an eager multitude rushes, where gold and silver shine, where cattle abound, and where sublime fragrances rise, and here, that The poor man is advancing with his small quantity of flour, if he were proud, he would have stayed at home as he did not have the sufficient means to fulfill an honorable korban, he would have been ashamed, and he would have hidden himself.

But mastering his pride, the poor man makes up his mind, despite everything, and approach Hashem in his own way, and according to his means, he faces the gaze and silences his heart, to immolate himself before the Eternal , the fruit of his deep impulse, he has truly offered "his soul"!

This lesson applies to all times: when someone feels devoid of spiritual values, poor in good deeds and wisdom, they will have to recognize their lack, (it is the starting point) without taking it from Consciousness crushes you, prevents you from seeking a means of progress, a means within your reach. For if his poverty were to crush him, and he felt extreme shame, he would sink into his resignation and become even poorer.

But on the contrary, this poor man must count on the infinite goodness of the Creator, with love immense that it testifies to us that it offers to each one Hope !, whatever their misery or degradation.
How does the Korban Mincha, the poor man's Korban, prove that the Torah elevates to the highest degree of honors!

The goodness of the Creator has no limits, it transforms the most desperate situations, and wants our most humble initiatives, provided that we banish all misplaced pride, that we offer at least what little we have, like this when a lost man He decides to rise up, to correct himself, If he does not manage to do it as the repentant ones of old did, (not having the strength to fast etc ..) Do not give up doing as little as possible! since the smallest step, the smallest initiative, is infinitely precious in the eyes of the Creator!

It is the sacrifice of the poor, it is the one that the Creator loves and calls:
"A sublime Perfume"

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