Does money give you everything you need?

Does money give you everything you need?

Money ...
Yes, it is true that it helps a lot, but it cannot buy everything, especially the most important.

In these times where materialism, luxuries, trends and fashions have become so important in the world, people lose their temper and do anything to acquire something that is fashionable, no matter how much they can Debt, Beware!
That is why it is so important to return to our principles.

First we must recognize that money is not an end but is a means. And most importantly, we must put the Creator ahead in our lives, order our priorities and comply with the Precepts that correspond to us, then we will see how the money that is destined for us begins to flow.

As we have said before, recognize that money is only a means and that this is not the main thing, but that the Creator is first and that it is He who provides us, because everything flows from Him !!

Like the alchemist, perhaps you will not be able to find your livelihood despite all the gold and silver that you have, as there may be some times when there is no food in your city, as it is written:

"Their money will be thrown in the streets (... their gold and silver will not be able to save them ... their souls will not be satisfied and their bellies will not be filled ...)" (Yejezkél 7:19), < br>
And he also says: "Neither their gold nor their silver can save them"
(Tzafania 1:18)

But whoever trusts in Hashem will not lack sustenance at any time or in any place until the end of his days, as it is written:

"When there is famine, He will redeem you from death" (Yob 5:20)

And he also says:
"Hashem He is my shepherd and I will lack nothing "(Tehillim-Psalms 23: 1)

" They will not suffer disgrace, and in days of famine they will have satiety "
(Tehillim 37:19)

Live with Emuná (the pure and authentic Faith in the Creator) and order your priorities, then you will see how your money flows.

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