The Creator is waiting for you!

The Creator is waiting for you!

Did you know that your prayers are very precious ...

Rabbi Najman spoke about encouraging and striving in prayer:
'No matter who you are, you must strive and obstinately pray to the blessed Creator "

Rabbi Najman also said that one should think as follows:
"It is possible that because of my sins I am far from the blessed Creator. Well, if so, then there cannot be a perfect prayer without me "

Why did Rabbi Najman say this?
The Talmud teaches that every prayer that does not include sinners Israel is not a true prayer. (Keritot 6b)
The prayer is like the offering of incense.

The Torah tells us that the preparation of the incense "the ketoret" should contain Jelbona, also called "Galvano". (Shemot- Exodus 30 34)
And although this substance has in itself a very bad smell.

If I consider myself a sinner, I am therefore an essential part of all service and no prayer is perfect without me.

I, the sinner, must redouble my efforts in the prayer to the Holy Blessed Be He, and trust that in His mercy He will accept my prayer.
I am the perfection of prayer, the Jelbona in the incense!

Just like the bad smell of jelbona is an essential ingredient of sweet incense, in the same way my imperfect Prayer is a vital element of the prayers of all Israel!

Without me, prayer is deficient, just like incense without jelbona.

Thanks to Hashem, because we are so necessary, like the basic ingredient of Ketoret!

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