Where is the place of His glory?

Where is the place of His glory?

About this Rabbi Natan wrote, that before the person can have the merit of receiving some revelation, knowledge and some new understanding about the Torah or about the service to HaShem, which is equivalent to the reception of the Torah itself He must first go through what is considered "desert", which are obstacles, confusion, doubts, overcoming worldly desires; declines, falls, failures etc ...

When the person overcomes and overcomes all these difficulties and impediments, he comes to have the merit of new revelations and understanding about the Torah and his service to the Creator.

When the person is surrounded by so many obstacles that come from external forces, that is, by all the confusions of those who want to approach the Creator, when trials, worldly desires and bad qualities overcome them, they do not He knows which way to go to get away from the darkness in which he is submerged and he does not know how to find the Creator in the midst of what is happening to him, but, if in spite of everything, man cries out to HaShem:

"Where is the place of Your Glory? Where are you, Creator of the universe, in everything that is happening to me, in the midst of all the dirt and impurity that flood my thoughts?"

When man cries out in this way, then he truly is seeking the Creator, and then the fall itself will transform into ascension!

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