"Beware of credits and loans"

"Beware of credits and loans"

Many people are confused regarding the concepts of Emuná (the pure and authentic Faith in the Creator), because they think: "I ask for a loan (or buy on credit) and I have full confidence (Emuná) that then the Creator will send me all the money that I borrowed to pay "

Oddly enough, what this person is doing is designating himself as "the owner" of Hashem's money.

Who said Hashem is going to give him all that money? And what if that sum is not included in the budget that the Creator assigned for that year?

Our wise men teach "All the sustenance of the individual is assigned to him from the beginning of the year until the beginning of the next year" (Guemara, T. Beitza 16)

The great Sage and commentator Rashi comments that "it is assigned to him" refers to the specific sum that he will obtain throughout that year and that he has to be very careful not to spend more money than what was assigned to him, because not you will be given more than what has already been established. That is why you must be very careful with wasting what you have and much more careful with loans or credits.

This is a typical error of the concept of Emunah and of trust in the Creator, it is "a false trust", because when one borrows money and gets into debt beyond their ability to repay, that is " confidence on the side of impurity. " Watch out!

If the person is in a really difficult situation, for example, that he has no food and asks for a loan, then it can be understood, but if the person goes into debt "up to his neck" to satisfy his desires, to compete with his friends, etc ..., he is not understanding the concept of Emunah and will most likely find himself in trouble soon.

That is why it is so important to ask in our prayers: "Give us our sustenance at the appropriate time" as we say it daily in the "Berchat hamazon" (prayer of food): -Open Your hand and you satisfy every living being-

"The eyes of all look to you, and you give them their food in due time, you open your hand and satisfy every living being, the Creator is just and kind ..." (Tehilim -Psalms 145.15)

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