Beware of fear!

Beware of fear!

Fear is an evil that spreads easily, do not allow it to take over you in these times.

Many times we have fears that move us to unwanted directions in life, but the truth is that these fears are nothing more than just thoughts that we can combat and eliminate them, and the best way is with Tefila (The Prayer).

Rabbi Najman gives us a very simple way to do it "like a child" Yes! Being simple and pouring out our heart before Hashem:

It is very good to pour out our thoughts before God, just as a child would ask something of his father, the Creator calls us "His children", such as It is written (Deuteronomy 14: 1) "You are children to God" Therefore it is very good to express your thoughts and problems in front of God, just like a son bullying his father. (Rabbi Najman wisdom # 7)

Here are some examples of how you can ask the Creator for help:

"Oh G-ios! I want to get closer to You, I want to experience You and feel Your goodness and the good that of You Proceed, Your infinite mercy, open Your way to me, the way of Torah, the way of the truly righteous, so that I can learn how to approach You, I am aware of how far I am from You, and that I am not worthy of any kind of revelation. But I am Your child! I was created to recognize You! Guide me along Your paths so that I can learn about You! About Your existence and be able to reach the true Emuna (Faith) in You "

And also:

"Oh God I'm very confused, I read about You, I study about You, I hear about You, I hear about Judaism, but I don't have No idea what it is about, Help me! Guide me to achieve a true Faith in You "

It's that simple even if you don't believe it, and so should your communication with your Creator, like a little one who trusts on his father!

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