Beware of anger, it can ruin your plans.

Beware of anger, it can ruin your plans.

With anger you can lose a lot, in addition to your health, look at this:

The Sages say that when a person is made angry it is because heaven has decreed something great, especially a financial sum, but he can lose it very easily, if he falls into anger.

They also taught that " Anyone who becomes angry, is possessed and governed by all kinds of shedim, and not only the celestial spirits govern it but is even governed and possessed by the terrestrial and mundane (ex: the enemies) "

Incredible is the damage caused by anger, the great Kabbalistic Rabbi, Rabbi Yitzchak Luria said:

"Every sin that a person commits affects one of the members of his soul , but getting angry affects his whole soul ".

He also said that when the human being gets angry, he is possessed by another soul that is not his own (that's why when someone gets angry he does many things without to think of which he later regrets and cannot believe that he did them at the time).

Beware of anger because this only takes you away from the good. A person who remains angry is very far from Hashem.
Our sages say that this is as serious as idolatry, so if you want to do well and really want to get closer to the Blessed Creator, first of all abandon your bad character !!

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