What is your mission in this world?

What is your mission in this world?

He has placed us on earth for a very precise reason. The mission that we must fulfill is unique; nobody can do it in our place. Apart from our general duties, there is a precise point that we must make that we ignore. To achieve his life is to fulfill his mission. Let us ask Hashem to direct us towards our unique work, which is the whole meaning of our life.

Anyone who has tried to put into practice this advice of Rabbi Nachman will be able to testify regarding the small and great miracles that happened to him and how many times, after a sincere Hitbodedut (Conversation in isolation with Hashem) the goodness of the Creator manifested himself to him in an obvious way.

This, as an answer to the questions and requirements that he will make during his prayer or, even more, as a solution to the problems that he will raise-solutions that arose in his life through one or the other intermediary.

It is necessary to carefully collect all these testimonies and keep them well present in memory. On the one hand because they help to persevere and on the other, because forgetting is an automatic tendency that erases the most beautiful memories and makes us ungrateful.

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