Do you think you love him with all your might?

Do you think you love him with all your might?

"Love the Eternal with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your strength" (Deuteronomy 6, 5)

Are you looking for prosperity ?

Here we bring you a very special message, especially if you are a merchant, employee, even a housewife, you should not miss it.

Rabbi Najman of Breslev said that he who conducts his business honestly and with Emuna, complies with this great precept of: "Love the Eternal with all his might"
Se tells that in Rabbi Yaakov, the Magid of Dubno, he visited Rabbi Eliyahu "The Gaon of Vilna" and asked him to give him a teaching of Musar (Retribution of Ethics):

"You think you are pious, but you spend all your day shutting yourself up in your room, immersed in your studies. Go outside, to the street! Dedicate yourself to business and then you can see if you are still so upright! "

For most people, earning a living is the most time consuming activity during their lives, they leave their homes early and work all day and also bring some of the work home in their thoughts .
In no other area are temptations as powerful as in everything that has to do with money.
Most sins take a very short time to materialize.
But money-related transgressions often consume a person's full time and threaten their emotional and intellectual stability.
Greed leads to a whole set of temptations, ranging from outright embezzlement to cheating with more subtle about prices, lies etc ...

Beware! If you are a merchant, an employee or even a housewife, analyze very well if you are conducting your affairs with complete honesty.
Remember this great Precept is also present here "You will love the Eternal ..."
Well, if you do not honor the Eternal with what he has given you to manage, such as money and possessions, before your neighbor, then you are failing!
Do not forget "All are means to exercise our Emuna"

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