Know the secret of the People of Israel

Know the secret of the People of Israel

The formula that kept us for thousands of years, keeps us and will keep us forever.

Every day more and more people realize that this is true, and that it works, which is why thousands of people are adopting this way of life, even people from other regions.

It seems simple but it is the truth ...

"Trust the Creator at all times" (Emuná)

Well, he who doesn't, he has no choice but to try all sorts of complicated methods to try to get what he needs.

For example, if you are sick (the Creator forbid), you will have to look for all kinds of medicines and remedies, and it is very common that just what you need is not available where you are, while what if there is, is not useful for your illness.

But the goodness of the Eternal, reaches everywhere and is everywhere, the Eternal has the power to heal all wounds and any disease. Well, the Creator is always accessible!

If you are sick, you should only trust prayers and supplications, since they are always accessible and always help, (and of course, you must do what corresponds to you and it is okay your part, how to take care of yourself)

If you depend on doctors and remedies you will have to search a lot, because you will have to find the right doctor and the right remedy.
And in general it is impossible to find them, as some doctors do more harm than good. (Our sages refer here to those doctors who dare to decree a person a certain amount of "days to live" telling him that he is ill and that "he will have no remedy" or that "he only has a certain number of days to live". Creator, free us! For the Only One who can determine this is the Eternal One. tough times, as well as our best times.

The Garden of Breslev.

(In the image above, a man from the United Arab Emirates on the plane, studying Emunah's famous book "The Garden of Faith")

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