"How to solve economic problems"

"How to solve economic problems"

How to get out of financial problems?

When these come to us, it seems as if there was no way out, do not worry that economic problems always existed. Thanks to Hashem All solutions are written in the Torah! So our sages give us the solution:

"The power of Emuna"

You just have to have Emuna (Pure Faith in the Blessed Creator) and trust that the Creator will send you everything that you are supposed to need!

"Business is based on faith" (Likutey Moharán 1,37: 5)
In today's highly competitive world, it is a unique fact to find a person who back home still maintains his Faith intact. And even more extraordinary, is that person who remembers the Emuna (pure Faith) in the middle of a day of business transactions, in the middle of the heat of business .
The Talmud states: On Rosh Hashana the Blessed Creator determines the exact amount that a person will earn during that year.
(T. Beitza 16a)

Nothing can change this decree and this amount, neither more work nor more dedication.
If you think that it will pay you more to work longer hours, remember that it is very easy for the Creator to "grant" you a corresponding amount of profit or loss.
Well, the Talmud also says: "Just as on Rosh Hashana gains are determined, in the same way losses are decreed.
If he is worthy of it, his" losses "will be constituted by his tzedaka (charity) otherwise your losses will come directly from your income. (Baba Batra 10 a)
Therefore, how much better is it to have Emunah and spend your free time in prayer and study, the results of which are guaranteed, rather than toiling behind of doubtful earnings.

On the other hand, let us remember that prayer can change a decree. (Rosh Hashana 17b) If you want to increase your income in an honest way, then spend time in prayer, reciting Psalms and speaking with the Creator during the Hitbodedut, tell Him that you need more sustenance, explain your motives and arguments, pray! Continual Prayer has the power to change poverty and improve your fortune.

(Based on the teachings of Rabbi Najman)

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