"How to get out of Exile"

"How to get out of Exile"

It is written in Shirat HaYam (the song of the Sea):

"And they believed in Hashem and in Moshe His servant ..."

To come out of exile (from any slavery or problem) the most important thing is "The Emunah (Faith) in the Eternal" But a good guide is also necessary, a true Righteous One who tells us how, when and where ...

The great commentator Rashi teaches elsewhere in the Torah, regarding the Mitzvah "the precept" (Deut. 10:20):
"And you will join Him" ​​(the Eternal) but ...
It is possible to join a devouring fire? Then join the sages, they will lead you to the Eternal!

For the Tzadik (the true Righteous) is the teacher who knows what each of his students or disciples comes to do on earth, he He will guide based on this knowledge.

There are also spiritual forces called "Angels", they are sent from the Eternal to fulfill various missions in this world, they are subject to His will, and they do not have any personal will.
Thus, when Hashem notices that a man seeks the truth, even though he is still very far from it, an Angel of truth is immediately sent to him, in other words "a lucidity" and a clarity reaches his heart to guide him towards your goal! And they also take care of obstacles to show you the right path.

Get ready to leave Egypt! Increase your Emuna and stick to the Tzadik (the true righteous)

The Garden of Breslev wishes you a next Pesach Kasher b 'Sameach!

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