How should we bear the sufferings?

How should we bear the sufferings?

We must know that there are situations that only lead man to rectify his wrongdoings, and each of these situations is for the person to "wake up by himself" and with his own attitudes and intelligence hears his intellect and thus discover very valuable principles!

The Sage says: "Above all things my son, you must take care to return to the Creator every day and purify your soul, regardless of the motives that you can discover on a daily basis and that justify the Teshuva (return-repentance), you must remember your Creator and make this memory encourage you to return from worldly actions "

One of these situations is :
'When man is affected by suffering'

Then he must conclude the following: All this is the product of my own conduct, my sins are what cause it. He must return to the Creator and He will have mercy, as it is written:
"And they found numerous evils and sufferings and will declare on that day: Because the Eternal is not found with me, they found me these evils"
(Deuteronomy 31-17)

"Return Israel to the Eternal God, for you have stumbled in iniquity, take words with you and return to the Eternal ... I will heal their stubbornness, I will love them "(Hosea 14 - 25)

And it also says:
" For whom the Eternal loves, He reproves, and like a father his son will accept "
(Proverbs 3-12)

But if man does not return from his evil ways during his moments of anguish and does not accept such sufferings as part of the reproach Divine, then his sin increases doubly and his punishment will increase.

Observe! Like the analogy, if the king punishes the one who acts against him and he does not accept these instructions, the reproach will be harsher! and your burden is even more difficult.
For it is written:
"And if you still will not hear Me, I will increase My punishment of you (Leviticus 26-18)

But It is also said:
"And the false in heart will increase their fury, and will not cry out when He imprisons them" (Job 36-13)

If the person does not meditate and conclude that the sufferings are the product of his sins, if he does not affirm, as the Philistines did, "For it was not His hand that punished us, but an accident" (Samuel 1 6-9)
It will make Divine fury increase, growing their sin even more than the previous ones, for them it is written about the previous group: "I will increase my punishment for you"

Which group do you want to belong to?
Better, It recognizes "that everything is directed by the Creator", even all our sufferings are sent and supervised from heaven.

Worry no more!, there is a solution, a beautiful Gift of the Creator called "Teshuva". Apply it in your life!

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