"How to build true love"

"How to build true love"

Where does a father have so much love for his baby?

How can it be that every day the love towards the son is greater and greater, if really when he is a boy he does not give us anything?

He is born and what does he do? Sleep, cry and eat! He doesn't say: "I love you", he doesn't give you gifts, he doesn't do you favors ....

So why does he earn that love so strong and so special?

Do you know How do you earn it?
Why is true love born when you give! Not when you receive!

It's a miracle but that's the way it is, the more you give to a person the more you love them and the more love you feel for them.


For this reason, in order to love our partner, the secret is to give!

And not to think that with our partners it will happen like with our parents before we were married, with whom we lived pampered by them, simply because they gave us everything.

Now we reach a reality in which we have to know how to receive but first we have to know how to give!

And with the help of Hashem, we will achieve not only really love our partners, but also make them love us much more than what What can we imagine!
(From Linda Tawil)

(Giving does not mean "giving material gifts", but rather "Giving the best of yourself" , each one knows himself and He knows what he likes the most that we give to our partner or loved ones, it can be from a good attitude, as a help in some task at home, to a smile, a gesture of love, words of encouragement, gratitude, etc ....

Sometimes a little detail of love or a change of attitude is worth more than a fine gold ring! Make an effort and do your best without expecting anything in return)

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